Metal Roofing & Walls

Metal roofing, both providing provides a fast and effective way of covering your structure.

You can choose from options include:

Composite Panels where insulation is sandwiched between 2 layers of metal. The depth of insulation can vary to suit the project requirements.  

Or Single Skin, which are trapezoidal and sinusoidal panels that can either be used very effectively on straight/flat roofs and walls or on curved surfaces.

This is a particularly good versatile solution for workshops, factories, warehouses and farm buildings.

Built up Systems allow the designer to vary the specification including acoustic requirements, provision of structural decks or when an external finish is required to the underside of the panel.

We are approved installers for: –

Joris Ide
Kingspan Panels and Profiles
Omnis Exteriors
Ash and Lacy

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